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Kisi (Kisito Futonge):

This site came into existence in 2006 and is the brain child of Kisi. Kisi has been teaching English for more than 8 years now.

He is simply a language enthusiasts who likes teaching and learning other languages. This explains why he is a fluent speaker of other languages like Mandarin, French & a couple of West African Languages. His creations emanate from a rich language learning and teaching background. In China, Kisi worked with schools like English-First and had a chance to see what worked and what didn't.

His language foundation was set at school where he studied complex languages like Latin and French. Kisi's development of language content does not end with English. He is the author of www.chinese-ilab.com an excellent website for beginner learners of Chinese.

So, where did this love for education originate? Well, Kisi comes from a family of teachers. Dad, mum, big brother are teachers of languages.

Kisi further teamed up with younger brother Jude, to create content for Math learners. Since the creation of English-4kids.com in 2006, he has expanded to many more areas in Child Education.

Some 4 million parents, teachers and students use this site every year.

Kisi prefers a practical, yet highly effective method of teaching which combines a variety of skills. The varied nature of the contents of this site reflect his teaching style.

His education-oriented family background was further complemented by his 5 year studies in a Catholic minor seminary where Kisi learnt to combine academics with good morals.

He is an honest, dedicated and highly passionate teacher who leaves a lasting impression on all his students.

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As his sites grew in popularity, Kisi quit full-time teaching to found his own company EDUTERIALS LIMITED. His company develops practical content for children's education and licenses them to schools and teachers.

Complete Programs Developed by EduTerials Limited

Kizschool.com offers a complete ESL course for primary English learners packed with - Video Tutorials, Games, Worksheets & more

KizMath.com is an excellent Math practice site for kids developed by Kisi and his brother Jude. The site covers math for Pre-K right up to 8th Grade.

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